Friday, July 29, 2011


I found a little treasure today while unpacking some stuff at my new room. Looks like I'm not going to be needing this anymore. I'm officially retiring the shirt or willing to give it to a girl in need. If you're interested let me know and I'll determine if you're worthy...Please no applicants under age 25 (you're not pathetic enough yet that you need a magic shirt), and no previously married people (you've clearly proven that you already know how to get the job done, hang in there, it'll happen again I'm sure).

And just to prove it works I was wearing this shirt last Christmas 2010 when Braden and I had our first kiss at 1:00am on Christmas morning or Christmas Eve depending on how you look at it, and now we're getting married. I don't know if it was the shirt or Santa but someone defiantly delivered!

Temporary Home

So this is my new temporary home.....All my belongings are in a 20x10 storage unit and I am renting a little a room with just enough stuff to get by! The best part is that the whole storage unit smells like my house and me from all my stuff so it really makes it feel like home. Sometimes I go and hangout there just for comfort!

Say Yes To The Dress

So we only have about 11 weeks from proposal to marriage so my mom and sister informed/forced me to try on wedding dresses the day we got home from the lake stating it takes 14-16 weeks to get a dress in so I don't have time to waste. I'm not going to lie, I was not excited about this and the first day didn't find anything I liked. The next day I had made some appts in SLC and Jordyn and I headed out on a mission to find a dress. Who knew it would be so easy? The first store we went to we fell in love with two dresses and couldn't decide what we like more because they both looked so different! The plan.....Thursday on my way out of town take the crew with me and make them pick. In the mean time I showed everybody the two dresses in pictures and EVERYBODY about 25 people picked this dress over the other one. Not one person picked the other dress and I was a little sad because I was leaning towards the other one (it just seemed more me) but hadn't told anyone. Much to my surprise and happiness once everyone saw the dresses in person they all hands down picked the one I liked! So goodbye cupcake dress, while I love the way you look and made me feel like a frilly princess you just didn't make the cut!
Sorry to dissapoint everyone that picked this!

LaKe BlAiNe

Some Highlights

So most people know that every year my family takes a trip to Kalispell, MT to a litte lake called Lake Blaine. This year we were missing a few people that add to our fun....We missed Lauren, Justin and the Willardsens but it was still a blast. We're hoping next year everyone will be able to make it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


R.I.P My little Lobster Friends

A match made in heaven...We both LOVE lobster.

Moving Day

Goodbye ARIZONIA and hello ST. GEORGE, UTAH.

Packing was crazy. I didn't think I had very much stuff until I started taking everything off my walls. 4 years of decorating all came down in 3 days. I'm happy/sad to report that only two glass apothecary jars died during the move. I filled a 26 foot Uhaul truck and rolled out! Poor Braden had to pack the truck in the 111 degree AZ weather.

"Love Ring"

Thats right this is the ring that he proposed with....its the Star Burst Love Ring. Our families didn't act too excited about it.....they were all expecting something a little more SpArKleE.

There is a story behind it, so its not that weird.

One of the problems with the "Love Ring" is that why it is really, really cute and special, not everybody recognizes it as that, some see it as garbage. For instance, the cleaning ladies at my moms house. 3 days after getting engaged the ring got trashed. Thats right, thrown right out. But after searching the house, the vacuum container (thanks jordyn) and all the garbages, it was found in the big black trash can out on the curb. Thanks Mom and Jordyn!

Braden was a little nervous about what i'm going to do with the real ring.

I'm Back...Maybe

So I was just checking out the blog and it turns out that I haven't been here since May of 2009. Its cause a single girls life isn't that great....its just work, work and more work. But a little updated......

This is Mr. Cooper. 31 yr. old male, from Lehi Ut, tall (ok well not super tall but he thinks he is) handsom, smells like sugar, likes football and hunting (gross), has 4 brothers 1 sister, drives a car to work, is in the mafia, and it turns out kinda likes me (I finally tricked someone) and he wants to marry me!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

secret needs

Oh Pizookie how I miss you. Our time apart has been rough. But 7 weeks from now you will once again make me deliriously happy. Until then, the dream of you is all that I have.


I'm so excited for you!

Home Again?

Andy I have questioned our relationship since this weekend. I never knew you didn't like ANYTHING sweet. Except Whip Cream "with a tiny bit of sugar!" Who are you?

So I went home over Easter weekend to play with my family and friends, and it was rainy and snowy the whole time, minus Easter morning. It figures! Jordy Folded the Sunday dinner napkins into Bunnies. She is hilarious. Topher spent his time and has spent his time this winter snowboarding.....what would give that away. And I played games with mom. What? Erin played games? Yes, its true. It was a wierd trip altogether! But the Easter Bunny put money in some of the eggs this year. SCORE. You should have seen Topher and Maddies faces when I found All of the eggs with the money. Its helps that I hid them though!


Love. Love. Love. Shoes. And what girl wouldn't. They always fit and never make you feel fat.
It was a warmish day in March and I was running errands at the mall. Returning things believe it or not. So proud of myself for not buying anything. I looked down at my watch, had lost track of time and just like Cinderella I was late. But then I looked down over the banister to the lower level and there they were, red stripped shoes just like the ones i had never dreamed of but knew that I would from now on. I had to go, I was really late. But as I ran for the parking lot a little voice whispered "just go look." Running back into the mall I picked up the red stripped slipper and turned it over to see $79.90. No deal. As I turned to walk away with great disappointment I heard the sales girl say "were you just looking at this shoe? Its the last one and its on sale for $19.99, the problem is that its a size 6, and nobody is a size 6". "I'm a size 6" I shouted with joy as I grabbed it from her hand and slipped it on. I knew we were meant to be.
(This isn't even all of them)

Da Da Da Da...Da, I'm Lovin It!

Crazy Weeks. Jordyn. Work. Then Family. Just a few Highlights. Amazing Tongues. Hilarious Glasses. Billy Joel and Elton John. Catching rays and returing to our natural colors. And one GINORMOUS BALL.