Monday, August 25, 2008


So the Hills have finally hit up the BIG APPLE....that's right folks the Hills rocked NYC this last August and we had a blast! Our cousins Jeff and Nicole and Aunt Rischia flew in from Calgary to join in the fun total-ing us up at 14. You can probably imagine what its like trying to get 14 people on the subways......Ya lets not go there! Lets just put it this way, when you have that many people in NY you try to do things in the cheapest way and figuring out what subway package is the most cost efficient kinda sucks....especially when EVERYBODY in our family pretty much sucks at MATH!

So I thought i would throw out a few NYC highlights!
1. Arriving in NYC and passing the NY JETs in the airport as they pointed at me and talked about my Angle shirt! They pretty much loved it! (other members of the family may tell this memory different but hey its my blog)

2. Mets game- Mom and Dad getting beer dumped on them from the bleachers above, they were soaked! YUP GREAT SEATS!
4. HAHA Tanner tripping and pretty much taking another man out! It was hilarious
5. The look on mom and dads face as I started pole dancing in the subway-AHHH the skills they never knew i had! YIKES!!!!
6.Getting up at 4:00am for the Celion Deon concert at the today show and what do you know she cancelled! But we did make it on TV
7. Danielle tyring to buy a purse on Canal street- the Asians pretty much hate her! She couldn't catch a break! And she never did get her wallet!
8.Topher falling off the chair in the Hotel Lobby
9. Sitting on the subway coming home from the METs game when low and behold i notice Kassie's shoes-Maryjane Flats with white thick bobby socks and jean capris! Kassie there is never an excuse for that kind of style!
10. Tanner and Joe turning their pants into MAN-CAPRI'S while walking through Central park with purses! That is so STRAIT!
11. Seeing Katie Holmes with Surrie walking into Little Mermaid!

So some other fun things we did......

We all saw Wicked one night and it was amazing. The next night we all split up and went to different plays, some went to South Pacific, Chicago and Jersey Boys! Everybody had fun at all of them but LOVED Wicked in the end!

Played at Seaport Village after seeing the Bodies Exhibit.

My number one goal for the trip was to find the Naked Cowboy in Times Square...sadly we never did find him but we did find the Naked Cowgirl (almost put this in the highlights section but I'm still trying to decide if i would call it that! (65, saggy, droopy, wrinkly and way too much makeup))

We went to TOP OF THE ROCK! The view is amazing... and its unreal to think how many people live in one city!

Ate at SERENDIPITY for Laurens birthday! YUMMY-est desserts EVER! Plus it was funny because dad hates Tiffany Lamps and they are everywhere in that restaurant! You could say he was in his personal Hell!

Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping! But what better place then NYC?

What better place to be a kid then F.A.O. SCHWARTZ? We tried out our skills on THE BIG PIANO! Ya after years of lessons and i can't play anything! And now I'm sure we all got a fungus from all the bare feet that step on that thing!

Subways, Subways and more Subways!

Giant Candy Bar anyone? HERSHEY'S STORE- YUMMY!

We also waited in line for over an hour at the SHAKE SHACK!!! YUMMY food! It was this little hamburger joint in the middle of Madison Square Park and it was packed!

Over all the trip was great! But we could all have used a vacation from our vacation cause we walked everywhere! Now its back to work................


Dani said...

You have such better pictures that I do! I'll have to get those from you! And maybe you should go back a spell check! :) Don't worry, Tan always has to edit mine too! Looks like you had a blast in NYC! What a cute family you have! I'm still bitter about my wallet....lame

Amy said...

Ok that looks like so much fun! Us girls need to go. And it looks like you went at the perfect time!

Ferrell Family said...

Hey is that your HUGE sleeved shirt? It's not too atrocious.

The Diederich's said...

HOLY COW!!! Talk about a crazy, busy, fun, fabulous trip you had! I am totally jealous and exhausted just looking at your pics! I can't wait to see them all... or is this all of them?

Whitney said...

Hey Er... That looks like a way fun trip! I can't even imagine the drama it would be for my family to go to NYC tog. yeah, not going to happen. Anyways, my mom is set on setting you up with this boy in Mesa. Do you remember Tom Goimarac? The boy from AZ. I was friends with? that's him.

carin tatom said...

Hey, it is UNREAL how much you all look alike! Your parents scored on having GORGEOUS kids. you lucky dogs. . .

Anya said...

Oh man Erin! Looks amazingly fun!!! I am lovin' all of the pics! Heard Sarah is coming for a visit! I gotta see a post of all your crazy times this weekend! Have a blast!!!

Zach and Roseanne said...

Wow, look at you. You've been having fun this summer too! I loved NY, it made me miss it looking at all those pictures. Now I really want to go back!